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  • How do I care for carbon steel?
    High carbon tool steel is not stainless it will rust if not properly cared for. Care is not difficult, but you do have to remember to do a couple of things after each use: #1 Wash the knife promptly after each use. Many people are used to stainless knives that can be left in a kitchen sink and washed later. With carbon steel knives this will result in rust. Normal dishwashing soap on a sponge or dish rag is perfectly fine. #2 Dry the knife. This can not be stressed enough. A carbon steel knife left to air dry on its own will rust. After washing the knife remember to dry it with a soft cloth. Be very careful of the cutting edge! It’s sharp! #3 NEVER EVER EVER put your carbon steel knife in the dishwasher! . . . ever. . . don’t do it. . . please. #4 Keep it somewhere safe. Many kitchen knives become dull and damaged, not through use, but from banging around in a drawer with other knives.
  • How does ordering a custom knife work?
    First get in touch! We will chat about size, type, price, and timeline. After that we request a deposit, and will make up a plywood template for you to approve. Once a design has been settled on, Chris will fabricate your knife from scratch. Full payment and shipping cost will be due at the knife's completion, prior to shipping. Depending on work load the proccess can take as little as 2 weeks, but during busy seasons it can take longer.
  • How do you ship? What is the price?
    We use USPS for all shipping. Knives, boards, and anything over 1lb are mailed priority. The shipping costs are calculated by weight at check out. Knives include insurance.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Yes. We want you to be happy, please contacting us about returning new, unused items. Deposits and custom orders can not be returned.
  • I have a couple of questions about a knife...
    Get in touch! Chris loves to talk about knives, and we are happy to answer any question, no matter how big or small. Email us at, or use the contact button.
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