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The Full Story

Hello! Welcome to Full Circle Craftworks. We are Hannah & Chris Blackburn, two people who love making things, and this is our story. Our journey together as artists and makers began many years ago while we were undergrads at the Rhode Island School of Design. In school we both studied the principles of good design and developed our own style. We each learned a multitude of different skills and techniques as well, ranging from welding and fine metal working to traditional woodworking, also sculpting and casting and more. We share a deep love and admiration for beautiful handmade objects and the traditions of craftsmanship from which they come, and are immensely grateful to be part of the legacy of American makers.


A few years ago while living in Rhode Island we started to get the feeling it was time to make a change. Most of our day-to-day life had begun drifting farther and farther away from the things that made us happy as artists and designers and makers. Our gardening ambitions had outgrown the capacity of our double lot in the West End of Providence, not to mention that our family was growing as well. We began to hatch a plan. The goal was to carve out a simpler life for ourselves and our 3 kids, away from the hustle and noise of the city.  A life that was more directly connected to the environment, and the seasons, and all the things that sustain our life, in short- Homesteading! Hannah was born and raised in Maine, so when we were planning where to start this new adventure there seemed no better place on earth.


Fast forward 3 years. . . We are now living on a 22 acre homestead farm in a log cabin on a dirt road in Maine. We have 3 large vegetable gardens, a small fruit orchard and raise animals: chickens and ducks for eggs, and also pigs, turkeys, and other chickens for meat. We heat our house entirely with wood which we burn in a vintage Danish Modern wood stove. Our 3 children help with all of the farm chores, from feeding the animals to stacking firewood, as well as planting and harvesting. There is never a shortage of lessons to be learned or new discoveries to be made. The homestead is far from self sufficient, but we have made it our ambition to try to do a little more each year with self sufficiency as the eventual goal.


We have a beautiful and rustic studio work space right at home.  After converting a modest 2 stall horse barn on the property into a fully outfitted workshop, with wood and metal working tools and machines, we are now able to create by hand all of the beautiful goods you find here for sale at Full Circle Craftworks. We make all of these items ourselves and are very excited and grateful to be able to share them with you. In addition we are happy to discuss special orders and custom work, don’t hesitate to ask. Wholesale inquiries are also welcome.


Life is an amazing journey, it’s path has many unexpected twists and turns that can lead us to wonderful and inspiring places we never would have imagined. And sometimes it comes full circle.  

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