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We decorate trees in the dark of winter to remind ourselves that the seasons will again change, and the bounties of summer will again be ours.  To that end, we have hand harvested natural items from around our homestead, prepared them, and gilded them with silver or gold leaf.  


From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow.  The acorn is a traditional symbol of life, growth, and strength.


This is a real acorn, wrapped in hand pounded Italian metal leaf.  The burnishing leaves minute portions of the acorn visible, giving these little gems and antiqued feel.  They are hung from gold embroidery thread and ready for your celebrations.

The metal otions are:

23KT Red Gold

Sterling Silver

22KT Moon Gold


Acorns will vary, approximate size will be 1.25" high and around 1" diameter.

Gilded Acorns (Single Metal)



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