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Gourds are amung the first plants cultivated by man, and used as water vessels in ancient times.  Gourds are used as protection symbols.  Hang these cute little orniments on your tree seasonally, or around the house year round to ward off ill will.  They also look great as part of a harvest or thanksgiving table.


These are real gourds, that have been dried and gilded in two different ways, either with 18KT Lemon Gold on top and copper leaf on the bottom, or with 22KT Moon Gold on top and bottom.  A stripe of purple acrylic paint sets off the midline, and it is hung with a hand made wire hook.


These gourds are availble in 3 sizes:

Small- approximately 1" diameter

Medium- approximately 1.25" diameter

Large- approximately 1.5" diameter

These are natural objects, and therefore vary in shape and size.  


We decorate trees in the dark of winter to remind ourselves that the seasons will again change, and the bounties of summer will again be ours. To that end, we have hand harvested natural items from around our homestead, prepared them, and gilded them with silver and/or gold leaf. 

Purple Striped Gourd Ornaments



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