The ancient Romans were the first to use the wishbone as a symbol of luck or good fortune, and that meaning has now spread to many cultures.  But as we place our wishes upon the bone, it is also a symbol of our deepest desires.  Add this lovely and interesting ornament to your holiday decor, or everyday displays, to mark your desires, and perhaps it will bring you luck in those endeavors!


This is an actual bone from a heritage breed chicken, pasture raised on our homestead in Maine.  We hand harvested the bone, cleaned and prepared it, then gilded it with hand pounded metal leaf.  The Wishbone is strung on metallic embroidery thread.  Each bone is slightly different, but bones are approximately 3" tall, and 1.5" wide.


Leaf options are 23KT Red Gold, 18KT Lemon Gold, Sterling Silver, and Copper.

Gilded Wishbones