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In the darkest barren days of winter we decorate trees to ask them to grow again and bear us fruit.  We have hand harvested natural items from around our homestead, prepared them, and gilded them with silver or gold leaf, to help you decorate your tree or home, and ask for spring to come again.


The pinecone is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment; and longevity, as cone bearing trees are evergreens, and remain green through out the winter.  Evergreens themselves signify endurance, and the cone holds the seed of that endurance.


This is a real Pitch Pine cone, painted with an ultra matte black paint, then gilded with Italian 23KT Red Gold leaf.  It is strung with metallic embroidery thread for easy hanging.  


Individual pinecones will all vary in size, approximate size is 2.5" high and a diameter of 2.5"

Golden Pinecone



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